Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Wish List

I first want to say a big THANK YOU to the people on Facebook who have commented and said lovely things about this new blog. I honestly didn't think I would have so many views and some lovely comments. I'm not sure why people couldn't comment. I tested it and it worked. So if there are any problems then please let me know or if you know how to resolve this problem.

Ok so today all I have done is watch YouTube videos and trawl the internet for ideas.
 I'm in much need for a Kikki K pink leather planner. By looking on the website I'm assuming this is an A5 size as its the same as their large Time planner, as there dimensions are the same??   They both come with different inserts. The Blue has dark blue dividers and the pink different colours. A bonus of the pink one is it comes with matching stickers too. they both have inside pockets, which is great to keep those stickers and magnetic page markers. Maybe in time I might have both :-)

I have seen 2 lovely planners on the FiloFax Decorated pages on fb and fallen head over heels with the colour, look, and what I can imagine the feel. Also I think it would go lovely with my current bag I'm using. go this from a steam rally. The partner brought for me :-)

Unfortunately the price and personal circumstances means I have to wait until I find one on offer or I win the lottery LOL!!

In the meantime, I will make do with my Apex. I haven't done any decorating today as I have done next week already which I will post closer to next week. But after posting last night I remembered I haven't shown you my dividers. 
The one to the left I made out of cutting my dad collected when he went to Paris with my mum and the one to the right my dad drew many years ago. They haven't found a permanent place in my Filo but I will in time.

So if anyone knows of a Kikki planner for sale let me know. 

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